The Legion Network: Blockchain Decentralized Super App

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The Legion Network: The Best of the Blockchain All-In-One

Play to Earn? Learn and Earn? Collaborative N.F.T. marketplace? Business applications with CRM and deep analytics?

The Legion Network is coming to town with a bigger bag of crypto toys and business solutions that looks like it could rival any blockchain Santa that’s come down the techno-chimney thus far! All that goodness wrapped up in one super app for iOS/Android with the potential to rule them all? Well, sign me upman! Let’s do a quick run-down of what this super blockchain application can do, alright?

  • Bluemoon -Collaborative N.F.T. Platform & Metaverse — Bluemoon is the first collaborative N.F.T. (non-fungible token) marketplace for crowd-sourcing new concepts for brand identity and advertisement visuals. On this part of the platform you can request N.F.T.s and also hold contests. Bluemoon also has its own metaverse which we all know is hot right now, right?
  • Empower AcademyLearn & Earn — Empower Academy is an education platform where users can watch lectures and tutorials and earn crypto just for learning something new! I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with Coinbase’s program where you can watch presentations and then complete short quizzes to earn a small amount of crypto. This is similar but you don’t even have to take any tests — you can just sit back and enjoy the presentation to earn some tokens without breaking a sweat!
  • Play-to-EarnGaming & Rewards — Arcadia and Legion Rewards is the part of the platform where you can earn $LGX tokens just for playing fun games like Hoop Shot, Fruit Warrior, and Make7. You can not also just get tokens from playing games but also from completing tasks like posting on social media about the Legion Network.
  • Bizpad- SaaS Solutions — Bizpad is the Legion Network’s hub for business solutions such as task management applications, CRM (customer relations management), accounting, POS (point of sale) solutions for online businesses with deep analytics.

The World’s First Collaborative N.F.T. Marketplace

The Legion Network’s “Bluemoon” lets artists collaborate with the community and brands as well as buy, sell, swap — and even rent! — N.F.T.s all in the super app. So what do they mean when they say “collaborate” though? Influencers and artists can join in contests by companies to create new art/music/game skins etc. and they not only get to win the prize pool — they also get to set their own royalty terms for the N.F.T.s they created! We all know that commissions can be pretty high in some of these types of places (I’m looking at you, Rarible) but the set commission for Bluemoon is only 2.5% which is very reasonable. The gas fees are projected to be very low as well and since this token is on Binance Smartchain I believe it.

The Bluemoon V.R./A.R. Experience

This is from the Litepaper V.4.1:

  • Bluemoon aims to innovate the way users showcase their most prized NFTs to the public. Buyers will be able
    to engage with the sellers NFTs directly from their VR space, creating an experience unique to the standard
    marketplace format.
  • Users will be able to fully collaborate in customising their own virtual spaces where all aspects of the world
    are NFTs which can be purchased, rented, and showcased. Everything from decorative accessories, lighting,
    terrain, and foliage, to vehicles, outfits, playable assets, and entire virtual spaces.
  • Users will ALSO be able to project/display their NFTs in the real world through Augmented Reality.

The Bluemoon V.R. Metaverse

Straight from the Litepaper V.4.1:

  • Custom VR space (e.g.
    gallery, living space, hall,
    outdoors etc)
  • Curators can showcase NFTs:
    artwork, vehicles, outfits etc.
  • Buy, Sell, Swap, Rent,
    Compare NFTs directly in the
  • Speak with other users via
    audio and text
  • Collaborate on building
  • Host events, NFT launches,
  • Listen to music in virtual spaces
    with friends
  • Use custom avatars within the
    VR space
  • Influencers can easily host
    rooms and invite their
    community for exclusive events,
    meet ups and collection drops.

As you can see the Legion Network’s vision for the Metaverse is a lot greater in scope than many of the projects I’ve been seeing lately.

The Legion SuperApp — Everything In One Place!

The whole concept of the “super app” is kind of interesting as it aims towards having an unprecedented amount of services and features all in one place. You can watch videos and earn crypto while learning something through the Empower section then take a break to play some games and earn even more $LGX tokens in the Arcadia games then stake it for even more gains in the built-in crypto wallet. This combines different functions into one cross-platform application to deliver a better experience for users. They even built a “Legion Rewards Program” into the app that lets users enter a weekly giveaway that has excellent prizes like the iPhone 12 Pro that can be won just by doing simple tasks like sending a Tweet. Finally, you can also access Legion Bizpad which is their flagship SaaS business product. SaaS is “Software as a Service” which is delivering software services over the internet instead of installing them on your hard drive. These business services include everything from the creation of projects, delegating tasks, tracking developments, budgeting costs, and managing your calendar. They are also developing even more business solutions that will be available in the future — everything from their new Elevate (CRM system) to accounting to P.O.S. (Point of Sale systems) and even Cloud services.

You can get 34 $LGX tokens FREE just for signing up!

From today all the way to the end of February you can get 34 tokens just for downloading the application on iOS/Android and verifying your email. The sign up link is HERE and will be good all the way up until March 1st. If you decide to take part in this, do not forget to set a reminder in your phone’s calendar to claim your tokens (and any you may have received if you shared your personal referral link) to transfer them to your crypto wallet.

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